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I've been playing drums since an early age and was often found practising my techniques and learning songs off my parent's vinyl player. 

I am happy to sight read to an intermediate ability in a large amount of situations.


As a drummer, I have played most recently with "RockSka" playing Ska, Reggae, Rockabilly, Brit-Pop and Rock. 

Whilst at university, I did session on a number of other students recordings playing stictly to click-tracks and pre-recorded samples.


I have also Played with other leicestershire bands such as "Quad Almighty", "the Covers", "The Twisted Sisters" (not the famous 80s band), "The Beardos" and with original band "Comic Book Caption"

After depping for The Choice on their Grand Voyage cruise, I moved to Oslo, Norway to play drums on the Fjordline! 

Lessons tuition

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