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During my early years I was always surrounded by music, often going through my parents vinyls and cassette tapes. Curiousity led me to discover new genres, artists and instruments. I began to concentrate on chords, scales and harmony at the age of 7, in the hope that one day I could play gypsy jazz like Django Reinhardt and shred like Yngwie Malmsteen


At the age of 13, I began to form bands playing school shows and the Shed in Leicester. It was then I realized how much I loved the adrenaline rush of performing live and became hooked. This lead onto playing semi-professional on the Leicester pub and club scene at 15. Being a Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer, I often found myself depping in other bands.

At 16, I started my music technology A level. Learning how the recording process worked, I became very eager to document everything I had done and would do in the future. I was fortunate that the music department had a great studio and was also very diverse; so finding brass, strings, percussion or woodwind players to experiment with wasn't a problem. I also started up my own jazz band arranging material for us to play for fun, one project I really wish I had recorded!


At 19, I was hooked on music production and chose to study at Huddersfield University. My course taught me a rounded understanding of being a professional musician. Encompassing everything from writing, performing, recording, mixing and promoting. In the studio I was at home either behind the desk running a session or in the live room.


At 22, I finished my degree with a 2.1 and moved back to Leicestershire to start working out what I was going to do. I continued to work on the Leicestershire music scene whilst recording other musicians and bands. I began to build my home studio and started to do film editing to make my own showreels. Later, putting them on Youtube. Unfortunately, the studio didn't work out. So I decided to change career abit and work in a local school as a Learning Support Assistant in March 2014.


In October 2015 I decided to hand my notice in at the school I worked at in pursuit of a professional music career. My first contract was with the Ultimate Robbie Showband performing aboard a Silja Talink ship called the "Romantika". After a successful March (2015) of recording multiple showreels for other artists at home, I was in Greece playing guitar for Med Ent's "Abbey Rhodes" Beatles Tribute band, ABBA Tribute Show and their 60's Show from April to July 2016.

From August to December 2016, I performed with "The Noise" in Bahrain as part of an acoustic set up and a full house band. A great mix of Top 40, Irish, Country, Rock 'n' Roll and even Heavy Metal!

From April 2017, me and Ildi worked as a duo aboard P&O ferries and cruise ships (Arcadia, Aurora, Orianna and Ventura), with a few gigs on land here and there. Eventually leading to a solo career from September 2018 to January 2020 as the Solo Guitar Entertainer on board Arcadia. Including a world cruise. I then switched to the drums for the party band "The Choice" as a dep for their 2 month Grand Voyage cruise to the Caribbean and USA!  

After the first lockdown in 2020, I moved to Oslo and began working for the Fjordline ferries. Unfortunately, the second lockdown brought the plans crashing down and saw me moving back to the UK.


At this point in my career, I felt I had achieved everything I wanted and decided to retrain as an electrician. during 2021, I worked towards my 18th Edition and other qualifications. 

At the start of October 2021, I heard that Showaddywaddy had a couple of deps for their live shows. I decided to give Dave Bartram a ring and see if I could pick up one or two of the dep gigs. Instead, I got hired and began playing live for Showaddywaddy 3rd of December 2021!


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